About Us

Private Instructor is proudly Nigerian owned and operated. Our collective goal is to support and promote local businesses and individuals offering quality products, services and skills to local people.

Private Instructor is a national directory that lists teachers, tutors and businesses who offer different forms of educational lessons and services covering all types of educational levels. Private Instructor is the leading directory listing members from rural, regional, coastal and metro areas from all states of Nigeria. More than this, Private Instructor offers classified ads for all things musical, and a convenient messaging system.

Private Instructor is proud to be part of the advancement of the educational service offering into all parts of Nigeria. Our platform provides a space for teachers and students to meet, a place for people to trade all things educational and a forum for people to communicate.

The site is free for all to use, to search for lessons and to message members, or to communicate about ads. Placing an ad is available for a small fee and membership (to be listed in the directory) is low cost.

Are you a person or business looking for students? Have you got skills to offer, teaching others in any field of formal or informal education? If you would like to teach in any related field and are looking for students, look no further than the Private Instructor Nigerian Directory. Sign up and become a member today. Students will find you via the search tool and contact you for bookings.


Are you looking for lessons on specific educational topic, subject or course?

Many parents see great value in starting their children early in private training; offering a fun activity, building new skills and learning something that will stay with them for life! Equally, people of all ages and walks of life gravitate toward extra educational help to understand certain specific interest areas for pleasure and self fulfilment. If you are looking for a tutor, teacher, school or studio look no further than the Private Instructor Nigerian Directory. Try the search tool on the home page for lessons near you, or that come to you. Many of our members also offer lessons on skype!

Have something to sell?

Maybe a guitar, old violin, song and music books, dance costumes or shoes? Something not used by you can be useful or treasured by someone else. Use our classified ads for all educational related items for local and national coverage. Many things can be posted or sent by courier from anywhere to anywhere, fast and safely.

Looking for something to buy?

Starting a new interest, or adding to a collection doesn’t have to cost the earth. Buying a preloved item can save you money. Take a look at our classified ads for great deals locally or for sale in other places. Many things can be posted or sent by courier from anywhere to anywhere, fast and safely.

While diligent with the listing of members and publishing ads, Private Instructor does not endorse or recommend any persons or products that appear on the site. See our legal section for more information.