Today businesses are continually upgrading their models and operational policies to stay in the competition. The new startups and their technological evolution compel the companies to adapt and this affects the skill-development in students. One such disruptive model is Blockchain Technology or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

What is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain uses cryptographic hashing and decentralization to facilitate the distribution of digital assets among Peer-to-Peer Networks of companies. Data assets can be accessed in real-time, and the transparent ledger of modifications protects the integrity of the document, thus creating trust in the asset.

Distributed ledger can be widely used in the industry. Blockchain technology can be used for efficiently tracking fraud in financial services; healthcare sector can benefit from secure data sharing of patients’ medical records between the professionals, the artists and inventors can track their intellectual property better in the business.

Students aiming for a career in technology and management can enhance their profile by understanding blockchain methodology and its industrial applications. The students can learn online or through corporate training programs and get certified. The benefits of this program can be used by students in cryptocurrency networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Quorum, etc.), smart contracts, financial services, supply chain management, video game development, and so on.

The understanding of public, private, and hybrid blockchain can help the students aspiring to become data analysts, auditors, and managers. Moreover, they can advance their organizational model and have smooth collaboration with the industry.

Hence, Blockchain is a definite winner in the modern market.