Membership Information
Directory membership is self-service and designed for those who are based in Nigeria and wanting to promote lessons or related services in educational and training industry. All profiles are featured listings with links to members social media, websites and You Tube.
Every membership comes with a 365 days(1 year) free listing. Simply sign up for an account and create a profile. Your profile will be published and you will appear on relevant pages of the directory. You can login at any time to make changes and add photos and do maintenance.
At Private Instructor we offer two types of paid membership on the directory. One is for individuals, and the other one is for businesses. Each of these has a subscription option for 6 months, or 12 months with a discount if paid annually. The payment on the platform only commences after the expiration of the FREE One year period
For the level of exposure, and the comprehensive features with each members listing, Private Instructor stands out as the market leader in Teacher Directory for finding local instructors to help train in lessons. But wait there’s more.
Comparing inclusions with each listing, Private Instructor charges less than half for membership than from other less used directories! We are also the only Nigerian music directory with a classified advertising platform. This means extra traffic to see your listing.

Membership Costs
First 365 days (1 year) Free Listing
Individuals NGN1500 for 6 months OR NGN2500 for 12 months
Businesses, Groups, Schools and Studios NGN3000 for 6 months OR NGN5000 for 12 months
You can pay anytime during your free trial. The remaining days will be added onto to your first subscription period. Want to get started? Register now.

Membership Conditions
If you choose to become a member, we have some simple conditions. By listing on the Private Instructor teachers register, members agree to our membership conditions.
Membership is for individuals and organisations in Nigeria who provide educational services such as tuition and lessons, in and wish to promote these services on the internet.
Private information such as your email addresses, birthdate and sex are required, but will not be displayed publicly when that information is entered in the correct place.
The information you supply must be true and correct. Copyright material may only be submitted with the owner’s consent. Offensive or inappropriate material is not permitted.
We reserve the right to alter, change or remove anything on the website. This includes changing the appearance of content and removing details supplied by members.
We reserve the right to refuse membership and the right to suspend or discontinue memberships if a member abuses the service or does not adhere to the conditions of membership.
As a member, you will not use this service in an attempt to trick, cheat or deceive anyone.
Members must keep their profile up to date and ensure their details and all information provided is current.
At no time will the owner of this website be held responsible or accountable for service downtime, website unavailability, accuracy of details, change of service, or anything else regarding this service.
These conditions will be changed from time to time. If changes are made, existing members agree to be bound by these changes.
All members are free to cancel their membership at any time. The balance of the current subscription time will not be refunded due to administration costs.
Not a condition, but Private Instructor recommends teachers registering on this service should comply with their state requirement for Police Clearance, Working With Children Check and or State Music Teacher Registration if applicable.
If you have any questions regarding the conditions of membership, please contact Private Instructor via our Contact Us page.